What services does ELM Productions provide?

The events of the last year have really shaken up the way that we all interact and communicate together, and video production has stood above it all to prove that it is the way forward as the most interactive and engaging medium to get an idea or message out. ELM Productions is here to help provide that medium and make sure that you, or your company is not left behind.

Corporate video production

Does your company have new training or safety procedures you need to get out to your workers? Perhaps you are hosting a seminar or presentation that needs to be seen by staff working from home. Maybe you are just after promotional material or an update for stakeholders? Whatever it might be in the corporate world, we have you covered.

Brand awareness and marketing videos

Have you got a product or service that you want to show off to the world? Do you feel your brand isn’t quite getting the attention it used to? Maybe you want to remind everyone you are still here? A marketing video might be just what you need! We can create an informative and captivating video on your service or product that is sure to bring in the crowds.

Event coverage and Highlight videos

Are you hosting an event that you want to show off on social media or have a video to remember it by? In the new world of capacity restrictions, having your event captured on video or made into a highlight video that can be shared around on the web is the best way to get the word out there, and ensure your loyal fans don’t feel left out.

Documentary filming

Have you got a big story that you are just busting to get out? Together we can tell that story accompanied by beautiful visuals and audio and make those ideas in your mind a reality.


If you are planning to host an event or function that you want others from all around the globe to see in real time, then let us know! We can produce a multi-camera, live switched broadcast streamed to the platform of your choosing for those who couldn’t make it to see. Jump on over to our live streaming page for further information.

Camera operator for hire

I can be hired with or without my kit for just about any video project you can think of. Get in touch and the possibilities are endless.

If these video production services sound like just what you are after, get in touch!